The Biometric Wallet by Dunhill

In this technical age, most products we own are digital.  We have our iPhones, Sony touch screen remotes, Garmin GPS and more so why shouldn’t we be able to have a digital wallet?  Well now we do.  Dunhill has introduced their biometric wallet that can be opened with just a swipe of the owner’s finger.

The Biometric Wallet holds your cash and cards in a light-weight carbon fiber case that will deter even the most adept thief.  To top it off the wallet can be linked to your cell via blue tooth allowing the wallet to contact you if lose it or fall victim to a pick-pocket when it is taken out of range. This is a must have for those who tend to lose their wallet and our staff has lost it’s share.  If this wallet is too much for you, visit Dunhill and view their line of less technical wallets HERE.

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