Artist To Look Out For…..Ness

Young Rapper Ness caught my attention as a friend first last year and as a rapper amazed me. Ness truly is a prodigy and i’m taken him under my wing and showing you what L.O.V.E has to offer. So here is the full on Interview W/ Ness and a few freestyles to show why this Staten Island Native is who he is !

How long have you been a rapper ?

I have been rapping since I was 16. I had a amazing poetry teacher and was supportive in whatever we did. she gave us a lot of freedom to say exactly what was on our minds at the time. Mrs Decker was her name. after the class I met a kid named Ralph and he basically made me realize the format.

So tell people what you‘ve worked on ?

I’m actually working on my second mix tape.. called sound village two. this is my first attempt to take this dream to the next level.

Who are some of your biggest influence’s in the music industry ?

id be more than happy to say.. lupe fiasco is my greatest inspiration.. his music moves something in me. something I cant explain. and I like  it that way. a lot of kanye west from his first to CDs, MOS def, tribe called quest. I can go on forever if you let me.

How would you describe your music ?

I would like to think of it as a honest interpretation of life and all its trappings..I love talking about what I experience rather than see.. its like the view from the front lines almost..I identify a lot with back pack rap or so its called..I just love being able to make the crowd move and understand where I come from..

Any rappers/singers you’ve worked with or want to work with ?

I have worked with a lot of artist from Staten island to queens to Yonkers.. rappers named suave noir, illa, Adrug, young nate. Singers like basik ortiz and so many love to do a song with lupe of course but if I had another person it be..timberland, dilated people.. big sean , wale.

Do you ever get nervous when performing ?

Oh man yes…my first few times I felt like my heart would come out of my mouth..sweating and more worries I remembered the words rather than..if it was reaching someone..after time it became second friends push me a lot to keep writing and perform where ever i go..its a great ice breaker actually lol

Any upcoming projects or shows ?

like I said I have SOUND VILLAGE Two on the way..SUAVE_NESS vol 1 and a show on September 30th at New York art cypher out here on Staten island

And what do you think should change in the music industry ?

I wouldn’t change anything..other wise I wouldn’t want this as badly as I do have no agendas..I just love this more than anything..and I want the people to know that someone out there feels like them sometimes..

Where can people reach you ? via twitter or face book or tumblr etc.

you can reach me at NESSTV1/
and at face book at NESS FERNANDEZ
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5 Responses to Artist To Look Out For…..Ness

  1. Coolkidd136 says:

    Poetic genius! Ur goin places kid

  2. harlemglobetrotter says:

    Music is tight bro!!!

  3. Jorge says:

    Im proud of u cuz. Dis is just a taste of wats in store 4 u in da future. Necessary 2 the Game

  4. TitoBobido says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of being in the room with Ness just straight murder beats with sick flow and killer rhymes. Makes sense Lupe is a strong influence because it shows. Definitely going places. Big ups.

  5. MusDiesel says:

    i personally have known Ness since we were freshmen in HS, and once i found out this nigga was a rapper and saw his actual talent i’ve been his #1 Fan and i’ll continue to be when he blows up.. its not even an if anymore, he has too much talent for niggas to even stop his grind.. keep doing what u love to do my nigga and i want my fucking mixtape ..

    much love and respect

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