Discovery Ankle Boots by Louis Vuitton

Just in time for winter, Louis Vuitton has us stepping out very stylishly in their new Discovery Ankle Boot.  The modern ankle boot is made in a brogan style to make a statement during this winter season.  These wing tipped ankle boots are made from thick calf leather and Damier Geant Canvas in a way that shows Louis Vuitton’s know-how when it comes to leather crafting.

The Louis Vuitton Discovery Ankle Boots have an in sock for added comfort, Blake stitching for added design and durability and a treaded sole so that you can remain rugged in the streets all while keeping fashion in mind.  The boots also come in Utah and Pony Leather that are lined inside with fur for a more casual style.  Visit Louis Vuitton online to find out what other products the French fashion house has to offer – HERE.

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One Response to Discovery Ankle Boots by Louis Vuitton

  1. Now that is a beautiful boot! If only he made one small enough for the ladies… shenanigans.

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