Quick Nine Questions With Superstar On The Rise Yoodee Frances!

1.How long have you been singing? I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I was raised in church so I was kind of this shy choir girl growing up. It wasn’t until I met my business partner that I found this passion for music.

2.So tell people what you’ve worked on? Recently I have been focusing on my project for a little over a year now. I’ve been also performing shows all over NYC and other states and a recent show in Canada. Currently I have a new single that I just released called “Yo Mama” featuring Charlie Clips. I am very excited about the record, which has been getting spins on local radio stations across the east coast. And I planning on releasing a music video for it Early 2011.

3.Who are some of your biggest influences in music? My biggest influences in music are artists who are fearless in everything they do. Micheal Jackson, Madonna, & Prince.. They always took risks. And admire that.

4.How would you describe your music? I would describe my music as Power Pop. I’m into heavy knocks, drum beats & synths, not really into anything too frilly. My lyrics are usually empowering, something that people listen to and feel that can save the world. But my sound is still universal.
5.Any rappers you’ve worked with or want to work with? I recently worked with NY rapper Charlie Clips on my new record “Yo Mama.” Collaborating with him was definitely a great experience. I hope to work with more talented artists like him.

6.Do you ever get nervous when performing? Yes! I do get nervous during my performances especially performing in front of crowds that are not familiar with my music. But as soon as I get that first note out.. the rest is history!

7.Any upcoming projects or shows? Lookout for my brand new music video for “Yo Mama,” and more shows throughout the states in 2011.

8.What do you think should change in the music industry? That is a great question. Honestly.. I think that the industry just needs more talented female artists who are the total package: write, dance, and sing. There are definitely great artists out now, of course, but not enough.

9.Where can people reach you ? via twitter or facebook or tumblr etc.
You can connect with me at any of the following sites!
Twitter @ http://twitter.com/yoodeebaby
Myspace @ http://myspace.com/yoodeemusic
Youtube @ http://youtube.com/yoodeetv
Facebook @ http://facebook.com/yoodeefrances

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