L.O.V.E Style Feature: Bevin Elias

1. Name/Age and a lil about your self 

Bevin Elias 24
I am one individual who soaks up all the valuable historic information and applies it to the now.  I’ve turned an interest and fun feeling towards men’s fashion and is exploring the ever developing passion.  I was born in Grenada West Indies and always appreciated looking better with whatever I owned.

2.What makes the “Perfect” suit? 

Fit and the shoes that compliment it.  The suit should fit as if you were fitted for another layer of skin. Not too long, and tailor out the extra fabric, as if it needs a diet.

3.What do you think is the most important part of a man’s wardrobe? 

Basics and Diversity.  The pieces that make up a great wardrobe is important, such as a black wingtip or a black suit, but having favorite basics for every occasion along with a range makes it important and yours.

4.What or who is your muse fashionably? 

I don’t have one.  It’s James Bond with the Flare and audacious character of Kanye West.  The styling and aesthetic of the Old English gentleman and attention to detail as the Victorian dandy.

5.What is your take on the term “Avant Garde” in fashion? 

Take ownership, be part of your styling and execution.  Be inspired not a mannequin.

6.While growing up what are somethings that influenced your style? 

Catholic school was the biggest impact because of the care, cleanliness and “prep” feel to everyday styling of the uniform that I had to take ownership and tweak and modify a bit to stand out.

7.Who has a better fashion style and why? Kanye west or Pharrell Williams? 

Kanye in my opinion for his level of elevation, research, and experimentation.  Pharrell has his own execution which is his in all right, but Kanye delivers with a punch packaged with only a Kanye bow.

8.Tell us a lil about your website. 

My site began chronicling my daily take on what was in trend or men’s basics and giving people options to try it in their own way.  It’s developing into a more editorial / style guide of a site. I will introduce a “before and after” portion with individuals going through transition in their style, how to.. videos and style guides that go over bow tying and maintenance of your dare style equipment (shoes).

9.Any advice for anyone trying to improve their style? 

Understand your fit, research and experiment.  Pay respect to the pas,t but always remain you in your comfort, then push it 1 notch every time.
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