ImSoLoveNYC Interview: StarMikeNYC [ @StarMikeNYC ]

This young man standing at 5 feet tall, with jet black wavy hair, Mike has an understated presence about him. Approachable, gawky in some respects his quietness belies a ferocious ability to attack the microphone with an energy unseen in hip-hop. At the same time there is a classic style to the way he walks. He carries his weight like a cool badge, unruffled by the company that walks in and out of D-Dub’s music studio. Mike hails from Queens NYC, but inherently it’s as if some of the best from Brooklyn like Biggie Smalls embody him. It’s amazing how his flow and vocal drop on the track dripping like syrup on pancakes. Somehow, someway he fits on the music. The songs he makes are so fearless that you can’t help but get the feeling he is speaking for his generation.

How long have you been a rapping ?

1. I’ve been rapping for about a year and a half.

So tell people what you’ve worked on ?

2.So far I’ve released my mixtape “From Queens To Everywhere” and I also worked on a video which should be dropping soon.

Who are some of your biggest influence’s in the music industry ?

3. Some of my biggest influences are joell ortiz, jay-z,bow wow,and kanye west

How would you describe your music ?

4. I would describe my music by calling it a mixed bag. Some days you have the “party energetic” songs other days you have “my girl left me” songs and i also have hard core grimey records.

Any rappers/singers you’ve worked with or want to work with ?

5. I’m actually in the mist of working with astronomical kid, but that’s still pending. Some of the artist i want to work with are justin bieber, sean kingston, teen rappers, and basically anyone i could vibe out with.

Do you ever get nervous when performing ?

6. Shocking but i don’t normally get nervous when I’m performing.

Any upcoming projects or shows ?

7. I’m working on my second mixtape and in February I’m going on a school tour which should be fun.

And what do you think should change in the music industry ?

8.  I feel labels shelfing rappers should be changed. I feel this way because people worked hard and by the labels not putting any effort on their end, the rapper is left helpless.

Where can people reach you ? via twitter or facebook or tumblr etc.

9. people can reach me on my twitter which is and on my website

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