Marvel vs Capcom 3’s first DLC costumes revealed

When I went to all the trouble of cataloguing the alternate colors for every fighter in Marvel v Capcom 3, I figured it wasn’t the end of different looks for the fighters, but I never would’ve guessed the first set would be revealed so early. In time for the game’s launch today, here’s spiffy new looks for six of the combatants.

Above: Cap brings his original shield to this battle

Above: And Ryu brings his old fighting shoes

They look pretty good if you want to spend 400 MS points/$4.99 on them when they come out March 1, but where do they come from? The Marvel one’s are simple enough for hardcore Marvel Zombie like me. Thor goes all retro, sporting his original design by Jack Kirby all the way back from his first appearance in Journey into Mystery #83. Meanwhile, the Captain America and Iron Man alternates are much more modern. Iron Man switches to the Iron Patriot armor, the persona of Norman Osborn/Green Goblin when he took charge of his own (secretly evil) Avengers. Cap is in his current look of Steve Rogers: Super Soldier, as he recently passed the mantle of Captain America to his former sidekick Bucky.

The Capcom looks are also easy to figure out. Chris Redfield has switched to his old S.T.A.R.S. garb from the first Resident Evil on PlayStation, Dante looks like the human form of his evil father Sparda, and Ryu goes back to his first Street Fighter costume, red shoes and all.

Finally, Capcom celebrated the game’s launch with two more trailers, which I think are worth sharing.

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