We Are Beyond Thank Full For This!

This right here has to be one of my proudest moments of being a “blogger”. I could of easily taking this as “Hate,” but after carefully thinking over, it is love! The person could of easily just stated our mistakes, but instead took the time out to re write it. Wow I (Noel) must say my grammar and spelling isn’t great, but no I did not write the about us. I am taking full responsibility and must say.

The blog is mainly controlled by Tone and I and sometimes by other members. The blog is very friendly written, Meaning sometimes our grammar can be shitty. I’m sure there are tons mistakes in this, but just as that fan took the time out to fix it, we will take the time out to proofread.

Also to the Anon I will ask Tone to enter your version of the “About us” so if you want let us know your name so we can credit you. THANK YOU

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