Odd Future’s 10 Steps to Selling Out

Odd Future's 10 Steps to Selling Out
Tyler, the Creator and his 10-piece rap pack Odd Future (full name: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) are bringing proper weirdness back to hip-hop. In the midst of their rapid ascent to the top we asked Tyler to give us his advice for what to do when you’ve made it big and want to sell out. 

1. Buy a mink made out of an ostrich’s ass.

 Do a song with some artist who sounds stupid.

 Get a photo with Justin Bieber wearing a green jacket.

4. Get some ice gold. It has to be gold.

5. Have a sex tape with a Disney star.

6. Make a gospel album.

Do a commercial for fucking Kia.

8. Get a fucked up haircut like will.i.am.

9. Make shit that sounds different from your first album.

10. Make a dance record with Lil’ Zane.

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