L.O.V.E STYLE Talks with Nice (@NiceInHarlem)



We caught up with the multi talented “ Nice In Harlem” to speak on true style and some other cool things. Check out the interview after the JUMP

Tell us a lil about your self: I’m a Harlem Native who knows what I want and will never settle for less. I’ma fashion consultant, stylist, and business owner. I manage Recording Artist RichP And I let my work speak for me. (www.NiceInHarlem.com)


Do you think being from Harlem NYC shaped your style? Yes, I believe style come from the soul and there is a lot of tradition and soul that you inherit growing up in Harlem. The environment allowed me to explore and define my fashion as well as influence the world very much like the original artist of the Harlem Renaissance.


Lanvin or Dior Homme and why? If you know me or have seen me across the city then you know Lanvin sneakers are my favorite but I would say over all Dior Homme. The looks on the Dior mens Runway call to the direction of where I will be taking some of my fashion in comparison to Lanvin runway line. As far as footwear goes I will say this year Dior Homme has also had better releases.


The most essential part of an outfit? Accessories and Footwear. These things tell a story of where your coming from and where you are going. You can always learn about some one by paying close attention  to detail and these things are vital.


Who’s your least favorite designer and why? Any one who’s heart is not in it.


What’s currently your fav shoe? Currently, My F09′ Marc Jacob White High Tops w/ Stark for Marc Laces, they are super worn but look great.

What would your dream girl be wearing? Something Out of this World, but worn flawlessly.




Spring/summer fashion or Fall/winter fashion and why? Fall/Winter, Why…Layers, there is so much more you can do with your fashion in the Fall/Winter. I Love to play with colors and textures in the Fall and there is definately a limit of what you can do when it’s 95 degrees outside.




What words of advice would you give to anyone trying to improve his or her style? Know You Self and let it come from within. It is great to be inspired by other people but you have to know what works for you.




Final words to the reader: Do from the Heart or Not at All because Fashion ois a sport, your either a Player or A Fan, Know your position.





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  1. your tits says:

    what a tool.

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