Francis Lenin Luna Presents BANJEE! @ Apt. 78

An open minded party I would like to call this. My good friend Francis is throwing a “Gay Friendly party”. Here is the official Facebook LINK.

“I Want To Take The Time Out To Invite You Guys To BANJEE!, Apt. 78’s First Ever “GAY NIGHT” Hosted By Me. Welcoming All Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Try- Sexual, Transgender, Fag Hags, Gay Supporters… Essentially EVERYONE Who Is Gay Friendly, Open Minded And Well Rounded. This Is A Celebration For All.

I Want To Set An Environment Where Everyone Can Come Drink And Party Together, With Out Ignorance. My Contribution To Uptown In Changing The Views On Homosexuality And Embracing One Another Regardless Of Sexual Orientation.

If You’ve Been To One Of My Parties, You Already Know Its An Amazing Time!

Please Let Me Know If You Can Make It, I’d Love To See Everyone There And Would Be More Than Thrilled To Make BANJEE! A Continuous Party!

[BANJEE or BANJEE BOY is a term from the 1980s or earlier that describes a certain type of young Latino, Black, or multiracial man who has sex with men and who dresses in stereotypical masculine urban fashion for reasons which may include expressing masculinity, hiding his sexual orientation and attracting male partners. The term is mostly associated with New York City and may be Nuyorican in origin.[1][2][3] Attitude, clothing, ethnicity, masculinity, physique and youth are all elements of what has been called “banjee realness”.] #THEMOREYOUKNOW”

Monday, June 27 at 9:00pm – June 28 at 2:00pm
Apt. 78 Cafe / Lounge

4447 Broadway [Between 189th & 190th]
New York, New York
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