Interview With @jamareaton Of @superfunparty

Caught up with Jamar Eaton of @Superfun. Yea @Superfun the cool ass creative company based in Chicago that throws the crazy parties and have some of the coolest art works on the web! We got to ask Mr. Eaton a few questions check the interview after the jump

Tell us a little about your self and superfun.

My name is Jamar Eaton and I just work here @superfun.  We’re a creative company that believes art always wins, we’re a collective of individuals that enjoy having fun and believe its one of the fundamentals to enjoying life.  We try to express those ideals in everything we do, whether that’s a party or making a t-shirt or spray painting an Aston Martin.



What’s the perfect cure for a creative block?

Get out of your head, go for a run, a bike ride, have sex, eat a good meal, go to museums, go to coffee shops, tea houses, get outside.  Go live a little bit.

Best dressed super hero and why?

Bruce Wayne, suits by day, super hero by night.

Do you believe the advancements of technology is helping or hurting creativity?

Technology has definitely helped artist share their creativity for sure, although being to connected tends to disconnect one from their true source.  It’s always good to disconnect from the internet, your phone, or your iPad and reconnect with yourself.  When I do this I normally have my most inspired moments.



Create an inspirational vacation.

Building off of the last question, no phone, no internet, just me and my gorgeous girl, at some tropical coastal resort, lot’s of green, fresh fruit, pen’s paper and a lot of silence for like two weeks.  All I need…

What is the greatest retail space you ever been inside and why?

I would probably say Ralph Lauren mansions, either here in Chicago or in NY.  They have an amazing ability to bring you into another world, another place, its almost dream like.


Best designed Air Jordan sneaker and why?

3’s and 4’s, for how simply amazing they are no crazy antics just strong design and color’s that work.

What is fun to you?


 Best bottle of champagne to be holding at a superfun party?

Veuve.  Anything else is uncivilized.  A lot of people would probably say Dom, but Veuve taste just as good to my untrained palette.

Top 3 favorite clothing lines right now and why?

This is tough.  Balmain last season, the jackets, the looks, the style – I know I know everyone loves it – kill me.  Ralph Lauren, I will always appreciate the timeless style of what Ralph Lauren does, it never fades.  To be completely honest other than those two, it varies to style, to look, to a feel that not one brand can encompass.  My style is too diverse for just one perspective.



Final words to the reader, any thing we can expect from you guys this summer etc. Thank you!

Find yourself and you’ll never lose.  @superfun has an amazing summer lined up stay tuned, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. Shout outs to the whole @superfun family and everyone that represents.
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