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Now that summer is officially upon us, and our latest collection is in stores, we thought that other than showing some of our favorite gear for summer, we’d also give you a peak into some of our favorite beers. While the five o’clock whistle typically means quitting time for most offices, here at Acapulco Gold we are usually looking for that second wind. As our in-house designer/co-owner/nutritionist says, you need to keep your sugar levels at an even keel. So instead of packing it in for the day, we head downstairs for an afternoon snack. With all the hard work that goes on around here, snack time can sometimes too easily turn into an afternoon beer.


If any of these Summer selections were the perfect match for a BBQ, it would be Allagash White. Hailing from the great state of Maine, this White Ale is crisp and refreshing, offering a great lemon and citrus zest, with notes of wheat, orange peel, and coriander spice.

This is the one that will keep the ladies coming back asking for another. Especially if you’re rocking your crispy new AG Angry Lo Bear fitted.

There is no better fit to closing out a long Summer day than with an ice cold IPA. Holding down both coasts, two of AG’s favorites are the Victory Hop Wallop from our neighbors in Pennsylvania, and the Ruination India Pale Ale from the crew out in San Diego at Stone.

Victory’s Hop Wallop stays true to its name showcasing a pleasant floral nose, with rich, piney hops dominating the palate. Combining with refreshing notes of citrus fruit, and a cracker-like malty finish, it is no secret why this one will always have a welcome place to stay in AG’s refrigerator.

The Big Cat 6-Panel Snapback is on the prowl as another perfect addition to your Summer hat game.


The Stone Ruination follows suit with herbal aromatics, a touch of grapefruit, and huge piney and bitter hops, all surrendering over to a dry malty finish. All balancing well with a touch of sweetness, Stone proves once again that they are one of the most consistent in the game. Both Victory’s Hop Wallop and Stone’s Ruination are nothing to be toyed with, coming in at 8.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and 7.7% ABV respectively.

Also not to be toyed with, our Summer War Camp Caps and their extra fresh Camo Leaf pattern.


And no beer selection would be complete here at AG without the inclusion of the Belgians. Belgium produces some of the most premier world-class beers, and the Malheur 10 and Gouden Carolus Tripel are no exception.

Delicious doughy yeast introduce the Malheur 10, giving it a touch of sweetness pairing well with notes of citrus and a sweet bready malt. Classified as a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, this one is easy to find out it’s 10% ABV before it’s too late.

The Gouden Carolus Tripel doesn’t really let up either. Coming in a 9% ABV, this beauty carries a sweet caramel malt, with well balanced spices and honeyed notes, all marrying well with a great hop presence. Another sleeper, this one is not to be taken lightly. Don’t sleep on our AG Top Hat fitteds either, or you might regret it.

With the new AG Summer drop in stores now, you’ve now got one more stop to make while heading out to grab a few beers for this Summer’s festivities. Whether it be at the backyard BBQ, kicking with the homies, or just enjoying a nice dinner with the fam, AG has got your beer selections covered. And it doesn’t hurt to look fly either. As always, AG does it with class. We’re getting drunk tonight, boys!

-Ben Ross

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