Who is LOVE ?

Have you ever been so close to your dreams that you can feel your taste buds tingle? Well, Everybody wants the finer things in life. We suffer from our self-consciousness and use materialistic as a substitute to represent who we are. From the fame to fortune, we strive for it and it all starts from a dreams. Ironically, we all are products of our dreams, a product of our imagination. And in order for it to come to life…it needs caring and love to transform into beyond its existence. So we stand here before you. To bring our dreams to reality. To make sure it oozes through your pours of glands. We are the strong…we are the rare. We are…L.O.V.E

5 Responses to Who is LOVE ?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Luxeries our very existence

    Luxeries is not compound for Luxury is, it is the plural of Luxury.

    so there is a tense problem. It has to be “Luxuries are our very existence”

    or “Luxury is our very existence”

    Not trying to nit pick or be dick but, i like the site but errytime i see the mistakes it bothers me, when im on the site.

  2. ImSoLoveNYC says:

    Thanks Alot man! We appreciate it alot!

  3. jordan says:

    Great find with the 24 oz interview they do great work over there

    You gentlemen should do a piece on Cleanup Clothing… I fell in love with their line… clean back to basics designs pulled off with almost a luxury line feel, idk just my thoughts, either way keep up the great work!

  4. jordan says:

    good stuff cant wait!

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